AP Lit 9/24


Ann Petry’s 1946 novel, The Street, shows how Lutie Johnson has a connection with the setting of an urban street. Throughout this passage, Petry establishes Lutie Johnson’s relationship to the urban setting through the use of imagery, by using phrases like “rattled the tops of garbage cans”. Petry uses personification, by saying “Fingering its way along the curb, the wind set the bits of paper to dancing high in the air, “. Petry also uses figurative language such as good diction, with “barrage of paper” and “grit stung their skins”.


Imagery is used very heavily throughout this passage. Petry says “rattled the tops of garbage cans” to show how strong the wind is, and to make the reader feel as if there is a rattling noise of metal on metal. She says “sucked window shades out through the top of opened windows and set them flapping back” to show that the wind was really powerful and changing; it was fluid. This gives the impression of the wind playing around with the people in the streets of this urban place. This wind later encounters Lutie, and all of these images start to make sense as it mercilessly drives her to find a warm room.


Personification is used to show the relationship between Lutie and the setting. By saying “Fingering its way along the curb, the wind set the bits of paper to dancing high in the air, “ Petry shows that the wind is moving across all of the people around it. It is trying to be as much of a nuisance as it can, by makes the streets dirtier, and by touching each person in a certain way. “She shivered as the cold fingers of the wind touched the back of her neck” shows that the wind is exposing everyone, and it is making people feel uncomfortable. The wind blowing through this less crowded city is unmasking everyone and making them feel like they need a safe place. This very wind that Lutie is trying to avoid quickly annoys her right before she finds a room to hide from it.


Petry also uses figurative language such as good diction, with “barrage of paper” and “grit stung their skins”. The barrage of paper really puts a picture in your head. You can almost see a tornado of paper being driven through the dirty streets. The grit flying into people’s faces makes them blind and hurt. “dark red stain like blood” tells you exactly the color that this rusted sign has, and it makes you feel a bit more afraid for the protagonist. “impossible angle on the rod that suspended it from the building” shows you just how precariously the sign was placed, and that the wind is so strong that it can makes even the impossible happen. This wind is so powerful that it has, in some ways, created this urban setting that Lutie is trying to navigate.


In conclusion, the wind is used in many different literary ways to show the connection between Lutie and the city she is in. The author uses very powerful techniques to put a picture in the readers’ heads of what this wind can do, and how it touches everyone. Petry truly  establishes Lutie Johnson’s relationship to the urban setting through the use of such literary devices as imagery, personification, and figurative language, and makes the passage a pleasure to read.


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  11. Hello Arham. Great essay. First off, in your introduction paragraph, I believe that you could take out the specific examples and move those to later in your body paragraphs. This would help to make your introduction just an overview of your argument that answers the prompt rather than a detailed, warranted discussion. For your quotes, I believe that you incorporated them very smoothly overall, but in your introduction paragraph, the appearance of the direct references seemed a bit abrupt. Also throughout your essay, you repeated the same quotes over and over. Perhaps you could consider incorporating different evidence in order to make your argument more compelling. Great job in including a variety of aspects from DIDLS such as imagery, language, and detail. For you concluding paragraph, I liked how you brought your essay to a close, but in your conclusion, you mentioned the role of wind in connecting the main character with her urban setting, I would suggest you explicitly mention the wind in your introduction as well so that detail wouldn’t seem to appear so suddenly in your conclusion even though you do mention in throughout your body paragraphs. Overall I really liked your essay and the evidence you found to connect with your argument. I believe that your essay would receive a score of 6. Great job!

  12. I liked some of the ideas that you put forward in this essay, but I think that they would have benefited from better organization and detail. For instance, the idea the wind has “created the urban scene that Lutie is trying to navigate”, would be an interesting topic to expand upon, and would add some more detail as to what the diction means for the implications of the piece. However, as it stands, it is a bit of a dead end that the reader is left to figure out for themselves : why does the author use diction to create such an impression? I think that this is a big part of what meaning the author is trying to create. I think that you could have used some different quotes in order to instill a sense of variety (or sameness, if it is what you see in the piece) and give a better picture of the piece as a whole.
    This notwithstanding, I think that the biggest problem with the piece is that the thesis is too broad. Your thesis, that “The Street shows how Lutie Johnson has a connection with the setting of an urban street”, while clarified on how meaning is created later in the paragraph, is not specific enough on what the creation of meaning means. Similarly, the final paragraph lists off some literary characteristics, but does not review how they are used.
    I think that with a more direct thesis and more clarified thoughts, your piece would have been a lot clearer. However, I think that you had some really good ideas and the makings of a great essay. I would give your essay a six.

  13. Good evening Arham!
    You wrote a strong first closed prompt response. I enjoyed how your thesis had a variety of claims to help develop your argument. The only thing I did not enjoy was your use of textual evidence in your introduction. I think you should use your intro paragraph to introduce the piece of literature and state your thesis. The quotes are more powerful when used in the specific paragraph with the specific claim they are helping prove. They also would be more effective if you varied your quote set up and incorporated them into sentences. I think this would help with the natural flow of your essay.
    Also, I appreciated how you made your topic sentence of each paragraph an obvious claim that connected to your thesis. This made your essay easier to follow and read. Your warrants were also clear and explained thoroughly. These things helped make your argument more effective since the reader could easily follow your train of thought. You wrapped up your essay well with a full circle conclusion which made your essay a fantastic baseline for your future writing.

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    เช็คเบี้ยประกันสังคม เช็คเบี้ยประกัน ไทยประกันชีวิต

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