Zum Apps

Guess what? I have officially decided to end the existence of zumlets. Instead I will now be developing and adding zum apps. This new service relies on flash and javascript, which every windows computer has. Also, this will allow us to create much more powerful full featured apps. This new service will be contained within a store, where you can add it to your own zumnet. The apps will mostly be games. Email me any apps you would like and they will be added to the zum store shortly.


Zumcloud is officially being released on January 2nd. What is Zumcloud, you may ask? Zumcloud is an all new cloud service from Zumnet. This service will give an entire 10gb of storage free. More info to come on this post. Update: The new service will offer:
A calendar
Note taking
Cloud bookmarks
The ability to sign in to google drive and add storage
And much more!


I am here to officially announce that G-BAV is finally finished and working. G-BAV (Ground Based Automatic Vehicle) was designed by MittMitt, Sathvik, and I as an offensive remote controlled drone with a video feed. We succeeded in making an indoor and out door version. Too see more about the robot, click on the G-BAV page at the top.